Why De’Longhi coffee machines are special?

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De’Longhi manufacturer is considered to be the world’s leader in the market of coffee machines for more than 30 years now. Following Italian traditions, modern technologies and innovations, this particular manufacturer offers a wide range of coffee machines for coffee lovers who want to enjoy high-quality, barista-made coffee at home. Anybody can enjoy exclusive taste coffee with De’Longhi coffee machines.

This Italian coffee preparation expert is suggesting several different types of coffee machines: automatic and semi-automatic. Automatic coffee machines will let you prepare an enjoyable cup of coffee from freshly ground coffee beans with only a press of a button. You will be able to create and save your recipes: change the strength of the coffee, grinding level and the volume. And if you consider coffee preparation process as a pleasant everyday procedure – we are suggesting a semi-automatic “barista” at home, which will allow you to experiment and try to brew the finest cup of coffee on your own. How to distinguish this global coffee machine market leader from others? Here are our 5 insights, why this particular manufacturer is worth your choice.

1. Easy care and cleaning

Everyone should know that you won’t get a delicious cup of coffee from a dirty coffee machine. The most important part of the cleaning process is the care of the milk system and brewing unit. De’Longhi coffee machines are characterized by automated milk system maintenance – the machine will rinse the milk system itself everytime you push a button. The unit has a removable brewing unit, so it’s very easy and manageable to clean – simply rinse under running water. You won’t need to call the service or buy expensive maintenance supplies to remove coffee oils.

2. Steel coffee grinder

The quality of freshly brewed coffee primarily depends on its type and roasting level. Equally as important role goes to the type of coffee grinder: steel or ceramic. Steel ones are known as long-lasting and durable. Unlike ceramic ones, they are more resistant to damage and long-term wear. De’Longhi uses only steel coffee grinders in all of their coffee machines, so you can choose the grinding level and prepare a cup of coffee of your preferred strength and density. When preparing a strong espresso, the grinding level should be lower, and if you like light and refreshing coffee – grind the beans on a higher level.

3. Automatic milk system

The experts of innovative coffee preparation are suggesting coffee machines with automatic milk system “LatteCrema” that allows to prepare Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino with thick milk foam with only a single press of a button. During the milk preparation process, the system takes only the amount of milk needed for one portion, and the remaining milk is stored in a milk container, which can also be kept in the fridge and used only when necessary.

Maintenance of the milk system is especially easy – the system consists of only 6 parts, which are easily disassembled, and for time saving purposes are dishwasher safe. The milk container also has an automatic cleaning program, which starts with a cycle of water rinsing, followed by hot steam to ensure the elements used for milk preparation are impeccably cleaned.

4. Heating system “Thermoblock“ – to maintain the ideal temperature

The perfect taste will be ensured by a double thermoblock system. De’Longhi coffee machines with automatic milk systems maintain the proper temperature throughout the whole coffee preparation process. One thermoblock is dedicated for coffee preparation, and the second one – to heat the milk. Nevertheless, this system is way smaller than a regular heater, so the coffee machine itself is more compact, and has a tendency to heat up quicker.

5. For your and your whole family needs – create your own menu

Like experimenting and can’t find the right coffee option in the suggested menu? With every automatic coffee machine you will be able to create and program your favourite recipes – this way every member of the family will be happy about their own individual coffee drink. You would probably agree that on the cool and rainy weekend evenings a cup of black coffee would boost the coziness with warmth, and a small cup of espresso in the morning will definitely open those eyes up.

Want to know which model will suit you and your family the best? Come and visit us, your coffee mates, or make a call – we will tell you more about each one in detail!

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