Coffee machine maintenance and spare parts

Any coffee machine requires maintenance to ensure high level of hygiene on a daily basis.


How often should the milk system be cleaned with antibacterial liquid?

Like all the other maintenance programs, milk system cleaning frequency depends on how often the coffee machine is used. Milk is a food product and has an especially short expiration date. Due to this reason, we recommend that the parts that are used for making beverages with milk be cleaned as often as possible. If milk frother is rinsed every evening with warm water or is left to soak overnight then cleaning with an antibacterial liquid once a week is enough. If the daily maintenance was skipped for at least a couple of days, due to hygiene reasons perform the disinfection immediately, before making another cup of coffee.

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Are all-purpose cleaners suitable for my coffee machine?

We recommend that you always consult with shop-assistant for proper coffee machine maintenance products. The majority of the maintenance products selection can be used on all coffee machines. However, there are certain coffee machines brands that due to their unique mechanism require specific products.

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How often is it necessary to clean the coffee machine?

Coffee machine maintenance always depends on the intensity of its usage. It is divided in to the following periods: Daily maintenance::

  • coffee grounds tray (the capacity is indicated in the product specification)
  • coffee machine funnel rinse
  • milk system cleaning
Periodic once a week
  • coffee making mechanism cleaning (except for Jura coffee machines)
  • milk system cleaning with an antibacterial liquid (can be done more often)
Periodic ~1-2 times per 2 months.
  • coffee residue/sediment removal is done every 200 cups
  • descaling is done aproximately every 50-60 l, If the filter is not used

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What is the difference between coffee machine cleaning tablets and descalers?

Cleaning tablets are used for cleaning all coffee machine parts, from where the coffee flows. Cleaning with these tablets removes all coffee remains, oils and sediments. Descaler is used for all the machine parts, from where the water flows. Only by performing both of these procedures and maintaining the coffee machine as instructed by the manufacturer, smooth and long-lasting coffee function will be ensured.

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