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At The Coffee Friend we believe that coffee and tea are always nearby. After all, how often do we offer: Coffee, Tea? Therefore, in The Coffee Mate’s assortment you will find not only coffee, but also various types of highest quality teas from different manufacturers from all over the world – both very well-known, famous and recognized, as well as extremely niche and new to the tea world.

We try to please lovers of different types of tea, so we offer a wide selection of various types:

Black tea is probably the most popular type of tea in the world. The most fermented tea with an intense flavour. Black teas of very high quality are very rich in taste and don’t need any other ingredients. However, black tea is the basis of many tea blends – such as Earl Gray, English Breakfast and others. It pairs well with a dash of milk or a slice of lemon. Black tea grown in different regions is often called by the name of the area and has the taste characteristics of that place. The most popular black teas are: Ceylon, Darjeeling, Assam and Keemun. The smaller the tea leaves, the stronger the tea. The recommended brewing temperature: 90-100 ° C.

Green tea has much shorter fermentation time and is valued since ancient times for its taste and a positive effect on health. There are many varieties of green tea, the most popular ones: Japanese Sencha, Bancha and Genmaicha, Chinese Gunpowder, Longjing and Biluochun. Dried in single leaves or in rolls. Green teas are naturally sweet, floral, fruity and nutty. The recommended brewing temperature: 70 to 90 ° C .

White tea – almost completely unfermented tea, very low in caffeine and very soft. While drinking it, you can taste mild sweetness and spring freshness. Made from extra young tea leaves. The most popular type of white tea: Bai Mu Dan. White tea is often found as an ingredient in blends of light, fruity or flowery teas. Recommended brewing temperature: 80-90 ° C.

Red tea is known as Rooibos or red bush tea. In fact, it is made from a completely different plant than other teas. This plant is especially common in the Republic of South Africa, where this tea has been popular for ages. Today, red tea is known all over the world. Low fermentation and contains no caffeine at all. The taste reminds of berries and flowers, reminiscent of rose hips, has some earthy notes. Recommended brewing temperature: 100 ° C.

Oolong tea is a partially oxidized tea with both black and green tea properties. There are so many types of Oolongs that it would be just a “sin” to frame this group of teas and name specific aftertaste. Oolong teas can be both light, fruity, berry-like, sweet (reminiscent of green teas) and strong, dark, earthy (reminiscent of black teas). Extremely good oolongs can be brewed several times and with the every new brew they will reveal new taste properties. Oolong teas absorb other aromas really well, so they often are flavoured with other ingredients. Recommended brewing temperature: 80-90 ° C.

Pu-erh teas acquire a complex and extremely interesting taste due to special and long processing. Some types of pu-erh teas are matured for decades (like wine) and get better and better taste (and higher price) over the years. It is usually possible to buy it compressed into “”cakes””. The palette of flavours is extremely wide. Recommended brewing temperature: about 90 ° C.

Fruit and herbal teas – in fact, these are not truly teas, because they are not made from the leaves of the tea tree. But we are used to calling them like that and we really like to drink it. Think of tea of chamomile, mint, thyme, linden, blueberry, strawberry and various other delicacies.

Tea blends – it can be different teas of the same type, for example, four types of black tea or several green teas, or one type of tea (white, green, red or black) flavoured with a variety of other ingredients. This is how the most interesting teas are born. Tea masters around the world strive to create special, unexpected blends and surprise tea lovers.

Chai tea – a mix of tea with a variety of spices, brewed with water or milk. Chai teas, which are extremely popular in India, are becoming more and more popular in the Western world. Try both natural and instant, both hot and cold.

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Tea purees and syrups – at The Coffee Friend's assortment you will find a wide range of berry and fruit purees and syrups for tea making (both hot and cold). All you have to do is add a couple of tablespoons of puree or syrup and pour water over it – a delicious drink is ready!

Cold teas – extremely popular in the hot season, cold teas are increasingly making their way among favourite beverages. The assortment includes both ready-made cold tea drinks, as well as syrups and tea powder for cold tea.

Not only the type of tea is important, but also the presentation. Some prefer loose tea, while others choose tea in bags. We think the most important thing is to drink what you like. Therefore, you will find both luxury loose teas and teas in silk pyramids, as well as teas in paper bags and even tea sticks. We also offer to enjoy instant teas, purees and syrups for tea making and already made cold teas. It is interesting to try different ways of presenting tea yourself, as well as to buy it as a gift and surprise others. By the way, tea in silk pyramids and extremely fashionable tea sticks are one of the most popular gifts when going to visit friends.

The Coffee Mate’s tea assortment includes tea producers from all over the world. We are pleased to be able to offer highly valued and recognized teas from the American company Harney & Sons. This company, which has a long tradition in the family tea business, is known all over the world. Its original tea blends are found in the world’s most famous hotels, restaurants and even Royal Palaces. We are constantly looking for and filling the assortment with the teas from niche and local producers, which we find at world exhibitions: Arti Unici, La Via del Te, Stick Tea, Chalo, Cozy, Sweetbird, Sun365, Mangajo and Nordic Berry.

We invite you to try, taste and enjoy The Coffee Mate’s teas. By the way, tea is one of the best gifts for all occasions. Let’s enjoy it ourselves and make others happy!