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Advent calendar Whittard of Chelsea “Tea Advent Calendar”, 94 pcs.

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Advent calendar Whittard of Chelsea “Tea Advent Calendar”, 94 pcs.
Advent calendar Whittard of Chelsea “Tea Advent Calendar”, 94 pcs.
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What’s more exciting than opening your Advent calendar in the morning? The famous British tea company Whittard of Chelsea chose a range of their best-loved teas for the ultimate countdown to Christmas!

The set features: 

• Beautifully designed premium Advent calendar

• 94 teabags in total, covering black, green, white, fruit and herbal tea varieties: “Darjeeling”, “English Breakfast”, “Afternoon Tea”, “Chelsea Garden”, “Christmas Tea”, “Earl Grey”, “English Rose”, “Mango & Bergamot”, “Piccadilly Blend”, “Apple & Elderflower”, “Golden Camomile”, “Lemon & Ginger”, “Liquorice & Lemongrass”, “Peppermint””, “”Sleepy Tea”, “Super Fruits” and “Very Berry Crush”

 • Drawer number one contains two teabags and a surprise gift — a beautiful ceramic teabag tidy

 • The remaining 23 drawers each contain four bags of tea


“Chelsea Garden”: white tea, rose petals (6%), flavouring

“Christmas Tea”: black tea, flavouring

“Darjeeling”: black tea

“Earl Grey”: black tea, flavouring

“English Breakfast”: black tea

“English Rose”: black tea, flavouring

“Apple & Elderflower”: apple (73%), hibiscus, flavouring, rosehip, liquorice root, rose petals (1%), vanilla, elderflower (0.5%)

“Lemon & Ginger”: lemongrass (39%), ginger (35%), lemon peel (10%), flavouring, linden flowers, blackberry leaves (2%), lime oil (2%)

“Mango & Bergamot”: green tea, flavouring

“Organic Camomile”: organic camomile

“Organic Peppermint”: organic peppermint

“Organic Rooibos”: organic rooibos

“Peach, Raspberry & Rose”: apple, rosehip, white hibiscus, hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaves, flavouring, rose petals (5%), roasted chicory root, peach (peach, corn starch) (1%), raspberry (1%)

“Piccadilly Blend”: black tea, flavouring, hibiscus (3%)

“Sleepy”: camomile (33%), elderflower, linden flowers (18%), liquorice root (15%), marigold petals, lavender (4%)

“Refresh”: fennel (30%), liquorice root, camomile, apple, aniseed, peppermint (10%)

“Very Berry Crush”: apple, hibiscus (35%), rosehip (15%), elderberry (3%), flavouring, strawberry (1%), raspberry (1%)

“Warming”: fennel, ginger (30%), liquorice root, turmeric (5%), cinnamon, cloves, cardamom

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Storage conditions: store in a cool, dry place.

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