Coffee bean set Single Origin, 3 kg

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Specialty coffee beans “Nicaragua Maragogype”, 1 kg

This type of Maragogype coffee is distinguished by extra-large coffee beans. They are up to 40% larger than common Arabica varieties and are commonly known as “elephant beans”. Sweet aroma of honey and caramel will pass to the first notes of balanced flavours of acidity and sweetness. This will later leave a long-lasting aftertaste of spicy herbs.

Surrounded by rich nature and a favourable climate of Nicaragua, farmers are growing exquisite kind of coffee beans. Mierisch family-owned coffee plantations are constantly experimenting with different types of coffee and different processing methods. Special attention is given to each coffee plant and each berry. The plantation is characterised by high environmental care. No chemicals are allowed within the distance of 5 meters from any water source, the water itself is thoroughly cleaned and reused for wet coffee bean processing. In addition, higher trees are planted for coffee plants to have shade and protection from wind, also they provide shelter for the local wildlife. All this allows a special taste of coffee to bloom.

Due to the exceptional quality and taste, this coffee is marked as Specialty. According to the SCAA it scores 83 out of 100.

COUNTRY: Nicaragua

REGION: Matagalpa

FARM: Fincas Mierisch 

ALTITUDE: 1200-1500 m 

VARIETY: Maragogype



TASTE PALATE: Honey, Caramel, Spices

Single origin coffee beans “DR Congo Kivu”, 1 kg

These Bourbon type coffee beans are characterised by the sweet aroma of marzipan and dried dates, with a fruity sweetness and acidity filled flavours. Later you will feel a long and pleasant aftertaste of dark chocolate.

The Kivu Lake region in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is known not only for its extraordinary beauty, but also rich soil, tropical heat and humidity. The coffee plantations are located close to the powerful Nyiragongo volcano which is surrounded by nutritious soils that are ideal for coffee growing. During the last decade of 20th century, many coffee farms were almost completely destroyed because of repeated volcanic eruptions and the brutal civil war. Now farmers are rebuilding the plantations, making both locals and coffee lovers happy, because locals have a place to work in and coffee lovers can once again enjoy the perfect taste of quality coffee.



FARM: Smallholder farmers

ALTITUDE: 1500 m 

VARIETY: Bourbon



TASTE PALATE: Marzipan, Dried Dates, Dark Chocolate

Specialty coffee beans “Papua New Guinea Sigri”, 1 kg

Discover the aroma of gingerbread cookies and black tea. The taste is filled with sweetness of honey, leaving a soft, mild and sweet aftertaste on the palate.

In the exotic land of Papua New Guinea, Sigri coffee plantation is located in the magnificent Vahgi Valley. In just few years this coffee has won the recognition among coffee lovers worldwide due to the exceptional taste and exclusive attention paid to coffee quality control. Coffee berries are only picked by hand and only when fully ripe, allowing the coffee to achieve a perfect sugar and acid balance. Beans are processed by wet processing method, naturally sun-dried and carefully sorted. The plantation is exceptional because of highly protected biodiversity. The variety of trees provide shade and protect not only the coffee plants and soil (which affects even ripening of coffee berries), but also provide home for 90 of the most exotic species of birds. When growing in a place like this, coffee must be magical.

Due to the exceptional quality and taste, this coffee is marked as Specialty. According to the SCAA it scores 84 out of 100.

COUNTRY: Papua New Guinea

REGION: Wahgi valley

FARM: Sigri Estate

ALTITUDE: 1600 m 

VARIETY: Caturra



TASTE PALATE: Gingerbread, Black Tea, Honey

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