Infuser for DeLonghi ECAM/ETAM series coffee machine (7313251451)

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Infuser for DeLonghi ECAM/ETAM series coffee machine (7313251451)
Infuser for DeLonghi ECAM/ETAM series coffee machine (7313251451)
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About De'Longhi 7313251451

Suited for the following De’Longhi models: 

ECAM 21.110.B Magnifica

ECAM 21.110.SB Magnifica

ECAM 21.110.W Magnifica

ECAM 21.116.B Magnifica S

ECAM 21.116.SB Magnifica S

ECAM 21.117.B Magnifica

ECAM 21.117.SB Magnifica S

ECAM 21.117.W Magnifica

ECAM 21.118.B Magnifica

ECAM 21.118.W Magnifica

ECAM 22.110.B Cappuccino System

ECAM 22.110.SB Cappuccino System

ECAM 22.320.B 

ECAM 22.320.SB 

ECAM 22.360.B 

ECAM 22.360.S 

ECAM 22.366.B Magnifica Cappuccino S

ECAM 22.366.S Magnifica Cappuccino S

ECAM 23.120.B 

ECAM 23.120.SB 

ECAM 23.123.B 

ECAM 23.210.B 

ECAM 23.210.W 

ECAM 23.216.B 

ECAM 23.217.SB 

ECAM 23.420.SB 

ECAM 23.420.SR 

ECAM 23.420.ST 

ECAM 23.420.SW 

ECAM 23.426.SB 

ECAM 23.427.B 

ECAM 23.427.R 

ECAM 23.450.B Cappuccino

ECAM 23.450.B EX: 3 cappuccinos

ECAM 23.450.S Cappuccino Silver

ECAM 23.450.S EX: 3 cappuccinos

ECAM 23.460.B 

ECAM 23.466.B Cappuccino

ECAM 23.466.S Cappuccino

ECAM 24.210.SB Silver / Black

ECAM 24.450.S Cappuccino

ECAM 24.467.S Cappuccino

ECAM 25.120.B Cappuccino

ECAM 25.120.SB 

ECAM 25.128.B

ECAM 25.128.R 

ECAM 25.128.Y 

ECAM 25.452.B Cappuccino

ECAM 25.452.S Cappuccino

ECAM 25.457.B Cappuccino

ECAM 25.457.S Cappuccino

ECAM 25.462.B 

ECAM 25.462.S 

ECAM 25.467.B 

ECAM 25.467.S 

ECAM 26.455.BLB PrimaDonna S De Luxe

ECAM 26.455.B PrimaDonna S De Luxe

ECAM 26.455.BWB PrimaDonna S De Luxe

ECAM 26.455.C PrimaDonna S De Luxe

ECAM 26.455.GRB PrimaDonna S De Luxe

ECAM 26.455.GYB PrimaDonna S De Luxe

ECAM 26.455.MB PrimaDonna S De Luxe

ECAM 26.455.M PrimaDonna S

ECAM 26.455.RB PrimaDonna

ECAM 26.455.WB PrimaDonna S De Luxe

ECAM 26.455.YEB PrimaDonna

ECAM 28.465.AZ PrimaDonna S Vintage

ECAM 28.465.BG PrimaDonna S Vintage

ECAM 28.465.MB PrimaDonna S

ECAM 28.465.M PrimaDonna S

ECAM 28.466.MB PrimaDonna S

ECAM 28.466.M PrimaDonna S De Luxe

ECAM 28.467.B PrimaDonna S

ECAM 44.620.S Eletta Plus

ECAM 44.660.B Eletta Cappuccino

ECAM 45.326.S Eletta Plus

ECAM 45.366.B Eletta Cappuccino

ECAM 45.366.S Eletta

ECAM 45.366.W Eletta Cappuccino

ECAM 45.760 W Eletta Cappuccino

ECAM 45.760.B Eletta Cappuccino

ECAM 45.766.B Eletta Cappuccino

ECAM 45.766.W Eletta Cappuccino

ECAM 350.15.B Dinamica

ECAM 350.35.SB Dinamica

ECAM 350.35.W Dinamica

ECAM 350.55.B Dinamica

ECAM 350.75.S Dinamica

ECAM 352.55.SB Dinamica

ECAM 370.95.T Dinamica Plus

ECAM 510.55.M PrimaDonna S Evo

ECAM 550.55.SB PrimaDonna

ECAM 556.55.MS PrimaDonna Class

ECAM 556.55.SB PrimaDonna Class

ECAM 556.55.W PrimaDonna Class

ECAM 556.75.MS PrimaDonna Class

ECAM 650.55.MS PrimaDonna Elite

ECAM 650.75.MS PrimaDonna Elite

ECAM 656.55.MS PrimaDonna Elite

ECAM 656.75.MS PrimaDonna Elite

ECAM 656.85.MS PrimaDonna Elite

ETAM 29.510.B Autentica

ETAM 29.510.SB Autentica

ETAM 29.620.SB Autentica Plus

ETAM 29.660.S Autentica Cappuccino

ETAM 29.660.SB Autentica Cappuccino

ETAM 29.666.S Autentica Cappuccino

ETAM 29.666.T Autentica Cappuccino

ETAM 36.365.MB PrimaDonna XS

ETAM 36.365.M PrimaDonna XS

ETAM 36.366.MB PrimaDonna XS

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