Herbal tea Lune Tea Immune Support Tea, 45 g

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Herbal tea Lune Tea Immune Support Tea, 45 g
Herbal tea Lune Tea Immune Support Tea, 45 g
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10.59 8.47


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A blend of superherbs and adaptogens for boosting the immune system and the overall sense of well-being. 

This warming herbal tea with adaptogens (natural substances that help the body manage stress) and spices is intended to act as a natural boost to your immune system. “Immune Support” is brimming with vitamin C. There’s red pepper amongst the ingrediens too: a source of capsaicin, it boasts anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Next comes tulsi, an adaptogen known as “the elixir of life” and used in Ayurveda for over 3000 years. This is further combined with echinacea, an immunity-boosting plant used by North American Indians.


The “Immune Support” tea is an excellent blend for those looking to boost their immune system during the year’s colder months. The addition of warming spices is bound to make chilly evenings much more enjoyable. Making this tea part of your daily ritual will surely help you take care of yourself from the inside out!


The main note in this rich blend is luscious elderberry. It’s complemented by the subtle spiciness of ginger and red pepper, which is, in its turn, made even more delicious with the help of sweet, alluring elderflower. 


Pour one spoonful of tea leaves into a cup and add 200 ml of water at around 80 °C. Let infuse for about 3–5 minutes, then enjoy. You can change the flavour of your tea slightly by using different brewing temperatures, by the way: the cooler the water, the more tender the taste. 

Ingredients: elderberries, elderflower, echinacea, tulsi, ginger, lemon peel, blackcurrants, red pepper, orange oil, lemon oil, ginger oil.

Storage conditions: store in a cool, dry place.


About “Lune Tea”

“Lune Tea” makes natural infusions for the body and mind. 

“Here at “Lune Tea”, we believe that beauty and magic lurk in everyday moments of mindfulness. The idea for “Lune” came up in very similar circumstances as well. We wanted to gift others a new, healthy ritual derived from the power of natural ingredients. “Lune Tea” is more than that though. We support a holistic approach to our bodies, minds and souls. Our teas are intended to bring you closer to yourself and nature, infusing every moment with meaning and joy.”

Weronika, the founder of “Lune Tea”

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