Milk cooler CHiATO Mini

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Milk cooler CHiATO Mini
Milk cooler CHiATO Mini
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About Chiato Mini

Stylish and convenient, the “CHiATO Mini” milk cooler is designed to be used alongside coffee machines with a milk system equipped with a tube. Forget all worries about milk that’s gone bad, and save some precious time normally spent moving the milk carton to and from the fridge. “CHiATO Mini” makes everything simpler: all you have to do is put the carton in the cooler, connect the tube and enjoy flawless milk-based drinks.


Did you know that truly flawless milk foam can only ever be made using cool milk? The “CHiATO Mini” milk cooler keeps your milk perfectly chilled—just right for whipping up some milk foam (the appliance is capable of getting milk 15–20 °C cooler than the ambient temperature). 


Compared to regular milk coolers (those equipped with special containers for holding milk), this one’s much more convenient: all you need to do is put a milk carton in there and connect the milk tube. No additional dishes means no unnecessary cleaning later! 


This modern, minimalist milk cooler can be paired with coffee machines of various designs. It doesn’t take up much space either, so this appliance will suit small spaces well too.


CHiATO: is it a conversation, or is it a macchiato? We say it’s both! A game that starts with a cup of coffee. Creamy, smooth, and with a bit of funk on top.

Prepare coffee the way you imagine it. It’s your passion and your creation. Explore the world of coffee and experiment with the right tools. Dive deeper, and create experiences that linger like the aftertaste of your favourite coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect the milk tube to any of the two sides of this fridge?

Yes, both sides of the fridge have holes for inserting the milk tube, so you can place this fridge on either side of your coffee machine.

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How large of a milk carton is this fridge designed for?

This fridge is designed for 1-litre milk cartons.

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How long does milk stay fresh for if it's kept inside the fridge?

This milk cooler is no different than a regular fridge in this regard. Once you’ve opened a milk carton, use it up within the time period indicated on the packaging.

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What sort of coffee machines is this fridge suited for?

This mini fridge is suited for all coffee machines that boast a milk system with a tube (i.e., most models produced by Nivona/JURA/Saeco/Siemens/Bosch/Miele/Dr. Coffee/etc.).

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Chiato Mini reviews

4 review(s)
  • September 27, 2023

    100% satisfied. No more milk gone bad, no more looking for it in the fridge, no more connecting milk containers. Quick and easy.

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  • September 23, 2023

    Our lattes just got better! It all makes sense now: we used to leave our milk next to the coffee machine, it would get warm and the foam wouldn’t be as stiff. Now the milk’s cooler, so the foam is much better! Thanks to the consultant who suggested we get the fridge! True Coffee Friends right here.

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  • September 16, 2023

    We bought a Nivona machine from you and now we added this little fridge too: it looks nice and is very handy.

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  • September 12, 2023

    Awesome, I didn’t even expect to like it that much: a) no need to wash milk containers; b) no need to take the milk out of the fridge, then put it back again; c) the milk is always fresh, cool and sitting right there.

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