Specialty coffee beans Guatemala El Injerto, 200 g

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As the 2021 recipient of the prestigious “Cup of Excellence” award, this exceptional variety deserves every bit of the attention it’s been getting from coffee connoisseurs lately. The luxurious Geisha, one of the numerous arabica subspecies, is bound to delight your palate and stimulate your imagination. Its range of aromas and flavours is truly mesmerising: from the tropical passion fruit and mango to peaches, cherries and black tea. 

These beans reached us all the way from the Guatemalan coffee estate of El Injerto, which has been operating since 1874. The El Injerto estate stretches across 447 ha of land: the majority of it is located 1500–2000 metres above sea level. The farm abounds with coffee plants, fragrant fruit trees, numerous types of grains and colourful flowers. The area is surrounded by centuries-old forests that seem to be largely intact, providing the farm with unique climate conditions and pure mountain spring water. The estate’s surroundings are also home to various flora and fauna, which makes this coffee part of a natural, diverse ecosystem. The annual rainfall amounts to around 1800–2000 mm, relative air humidity is 75%, while the average temperature tends to stay at about 23 °C. The soil is volcanic, deep, rich in organic matter. These are the exact conditions required to produce some of the world’s finest coffee. 

For over 20 years, the “Cup of Excellence” (COE) competition has been pioneering integrity and transparency in the coffee industry. The level of scrutiny that COE coffees undergo is truly unmatched anywhere else. This means that the quality of these coffees also has no equals.

The supply of this coffee is extremely low, so it belongs to the Limited Edition line.

Due to its exceptional quality and taste, this coffee is marked as Specialty. According to the SCA grading system, it scores 90.51 points out of 100.

COUNTRY: Guatemala

REGION: Huehuetenango 

FARM: El Injerto 

ALTITUDE: 1920 m




TASTE PALETTE: Passion fruit, Cherry, Black tea, Mango, Peach

Ingredients: roasted coffee beans.

Storage conditions: keep sealed in a dark, dry and cool place.

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Country of Origin

Coffee beans type

100% Arabica, Specialty coffee


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Arabica variety

Geisha / Gesha

Coffee beans type

100% Arabica, Specialty coffee

Operation & Care

Where is this coffee roasted?

This coffee is roasted by our partners in Lithuania, in one of the finest local roasteries.

What's the difference between specialty coffee beans and regular ones?

Specialty coffee includes only the world’s best-rated varieties. Who rates it and how do they do that, you wonder? Well, the rating is in the hands of certified coffee tasters. They evaluate the quality of the coffee they’re presented with based on the scale created by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Four criteria are assessed: origin, the appearance of green beans, the aroma of the prepared brew, and its flavour characteristics. Only coffees that end up scoring somewhere between 80 and 100 points can be rightfully referred to as “specialty”.

How does the washed processing method affect the flavour of coffee?

When using the washed process, beans are first separated from the cherries, then fermented and dried. Coffee processed in this manner acquires a particularly “clean” taste, which makes the dominant notes easier to identify. It’s often fruitier too.

What brewing methods are these coffee beans suited for?

These coffee beans are suited well for all manual brewing methods, such as V60, Chemex and the like.

Why is this coffee so expensive?

This is a limited-edition coffee that boasts the prestigious “Cup of Excellence” (COE) award. What this means is that the quality of these beans has been approved by some of the world’s best coffee experts. Because the supply of this coffee is low and its characteristics are absolutely unique, its price is larger than that of most other varieties.


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