Specialty coffee beans Black Crow White Pigeon Honduras Marcala, 200 g

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Specialty coffee beans Black Crow White Pigeon Honduras Marcala, 200 g
Specialty coffee beans Black Crow White Pigeon Honduras Marcala, 200 g
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Black Crow White Pigeon | New specialty coffee line
Black Crow White Pigeon | New specialty coffee line

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Chapter 20

The White Pigeon presents: 

A bright, fruity aroma fills the air. It’s soon joined by the gorgeous fragrance of jasmine, the sweet notes of passion fruit and an intriguing, elegant hint of rum…

Flying high over the Honduran region of Marcala, one cannot but admire its beautiful coffee plantations. These lands are known for their premium-quality coffees and special attention paid to the principles of sustainable agriculture. The humble coffee bean is a veritable queen over here, governing the daily lives of hundreds of local farmers. The latter have been brought together by a company called COMSA. It helps farmers adopt environmentally friendly agricultural techniques, develop new technologies, and earn fair wages—all of this, in its turn, lets coffee connoisseurs all over the globe discover unique flavours.

Your White Pigeon


Country of origin | Honduras

Region | Marcala

Producer | COMSA

Altitude | 1650 m

Arabica varietal | Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai

Process | Washed

Roast profile | Medium

SCA score | 85 out of 100

Flavour palette | Jasmine, passion fruit, rum

Recommended brewing methods: all brewing methods, including espresso. 

Ingredients: roasted coffee beans.

Storage conditions: store sealed in a dark, dry and cool place.


“Black Crow White Pigeon” is here to regale you with extraordinary coffee stories. The main characters in this tale—the Black Crow and the White Pigeon—embody the remarkably varied flavour palette of specialty coffees: from dark, deep, earthy notes to light, subtle aromas. Every possible wonder of taste fits onto this lengthy scale, starting with inscrutable darkness and transforming slowly into the sort of white that takes your breath away. Each coffee, along with its unique story, hides inside a beautiful package that may remind you of a new chapter in a book you’re reading: carefully numbered, these chapters go all the way from 1 to 24. Dive deep into new experiences with “Black Crow White Pigeon”: discover the tales that each chapter tells you, immerse yourself in unique flavours, and set out on a journey so fragrant it’s bound to be impossible to forget. Feel free to start your own personal voyage from any chapter…

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Passion Fruit

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Honduras, Marcala
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