Vanilla flavoured Stick Tea Vanilla Rooibos, 50 pcs.

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Treat yourself with vanilla and African red tea flavour, which is full of antioxidants. This tea is caffeine-free, so you will be able to enjoy it in the evening as well, when craving for something hot and delicious. 

Stick Tea is a unique way of making tea with a disposable stick. Preparing this tea is very convenient, because: 

– there will be no tea leaves floating around; 
– you will be able to customize the intensity of the flavour; 
– no need for a teaspoon in order to stir the tea; 
– the preparation is hygienic and aesthetic; 
– it’s fun and interesting to drink this tea, as well as delicious! 

The preparation method of Stick Tea: put the stick inside a cup, pour over with hot water, wait a little bit and stir with the same stick until you reach desired intensity of the flavour. Add sugar, if you wish, and stir using the same stick.

Recommended with: fruity rosehip and hibiscus tea is tasty both hot and cold. Pairs well with fruits and light salads. As this tea is caffeine-free, it is a perfect choice for the evening.

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