Water filter BRITA Maxtra+ Hard Water Expert

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Water filter BRITA Maxtra+ Hard Water Expert
Water filter BRITA Maxtra+ Hard Water Expert
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2020 MAXTRA Plus Limescale Expert filtration
2020 MAXTRA Plus Limescale Expert filtration

About product

– Reduces the amount of limescale, resulting in water with more flavour and aroma.
– Improved taste for up to 4 weeks. Especially effective at filtering hard water: up to 50% less limescale compared to regular “MAXTRA+” filters.
– Softens your water, reducing limescale build-up in kettles, coffee machines and other kitchen appliances. 
– Reduces the amount of heavy metals, such as lead and copper*, as well as other substances that may affect the flavour of your water (like chlorine, for example). 
– Suited perfectly for regions with hard or moderately hard water. 
*If they are present in tap water.
How to get your “BRITA MAXTRA+” water filter ready for use?
1. Fill a clean BRITA jug with cold water. 
2. Immerse the water filter in cold water, then shake gently to release any air bubbles. Make sure to pour this water out afterwards.
3. Put the funnel inside your BRITA jug and affix the filter to it.
4. Fill the jug with water, get the water filtered, then pour it out. Repeat twice. Your filter is now ready for use!
The “MAXTRA+ Hard Water Expert” filter is suited for all jugs from BRITA.

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