WDT tool with a hanger Flair

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WDT tool with a hanger Flair
WDT tool with a hanger Flair
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About Flair WDT

Having trouble pulling consistent shots? Some are running faster than others, even when using the same coffee, dose and grind? While it could be that your coffee is too fresh (yes, that’s also a thing!), it’s more likely that you need to do a better job distributing coffee grounds throughout the basket before tamping.

The more even the distribution of grounds, the more consistent the flow of water through the bed of coffee—and a consistent flow results in a more balanced, repeatable and, most important, delicious brew. 

When it comes to distribution tools, there’s no better bang for your buck than the one you get using a WDT (Weiss Distribution Technique) tool. Not all tools are created equal, however. If you’ve given this technique a try before only to obtain disappointing results, it was probably the tool at fault. Needle thickness, stiffness and number all matter. Too much—or too little—of any of those, and you’ll struggle to see any notable difference.

This WDT tool from “Flair” was designed with all of the above in mind. It’s also the perfect fit for all “Flair” portafilters, from “NEO” to “58”.


– Needle diameter: 0.25 mm

– Needle length: 38 mm

– 9-degree angle of peripheral needles to the center needle

– Hilt length: 54.7 mm 

– Hilt width: 24 mm at the widest point and 17.4 mm at the waist

– Custom pedestal for storage and protection when travelling

– Overall height (tool + pedestal): 103.5 mm

CAUTION: the needles are delicate and non-replaceable. When placing the tool back on the pedestal, make sure to align the needles properly.

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