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How do I pack my coffee machine for return properly?

To ensure that your appliance is not damaged during return shipping, it’s important that you pack the item properly.

If the item is brand new and the box has only been opened in order to check the item, please pack the machine like it was packed when you received it. If you cannot remember how it’s been packed exactly, follow the steps below:

1. Cover the machine with bubble wrap or the bag provided.

2. Cover all sides with safety foam.

3. Make sure all accessories/user manuals are included.

4. Place the machine and its accessories in the box.

5. Add safety foam or any protective layer on top.

6. Take a photo of the inside of the box while it’s still open, then close the box.

7. Seal the box and place it in an outer box.

All items, components, manuals and packing materials must be returned in their original packaging. The item to be returned must be unused and of marketable appearance (labels intact, etc.). The item must not have been installed or combined with other goods (e.g., water, coffee, etc.) after delivery in a way that renders the two inseparable.

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When will I receive my refund?

Once the product has been returned to us, we’ll transfer the paid amount to you within 14 working days. We’ll need your bank account number, name and order number. It’s important that the money for the returned goods is transferred to the bank account specified by you. There’s no possibility of refunding the money in cash.

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What’s the return policy for refurbished coffee machines?

The same policy applied in the case of brand-new coffee machines applies here as well: unused items can be returned within 14 days if they’re delivered in the original packaging.

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I returned my order. How do I know if my parcel has reached you?

As soon as your item has been delivered to the warehouse, inspected by our quality specialists and confirmed to be in mint condition, we’ll send you an e-mail confirming the completion of your refund.

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What goods can be returned?

All items can be returned. Non-faulty goods can be accepted only under the following conditions:

1. The returned item must be delivered in the original packaging;

2. The items mustn’t be damaged by the buyer;

3. The items must be unused and of marketable appearance (undamaged labels, security tag, etc.);

4. The returned item must contain all the components included in it when received by the buyer;

5. When returning an item, it’s necessary to provide the document of acquisition and a written request for the return of goods (this condition doesn’t apply in the case of faulty products being returned).

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How much will the return cost?

For unused products, returns from the EU completed in 14 calendar days cost 6.90 €. The cost of returns from outside the EU amounts to the shipping fee, which depends on your country.

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Do you accept returns?

As an important part of our value chain, we offer a 14-day return policy. Keep in mind though that the item you wish to return must be in mint/unused condition. You can examine the goods as you would in a shop, but to obtain a full refund, you mustn’t start using them, install them or combine goods with other goods so that they become inseparable.

You’ll receive a refund once the product has arrived back at our warehouse and we’ve assessed its condition (it must be delivered in the original packaging, with all components and accessories included). If you’d like to request a refund, please contact us at [email protected].

Once you’ve received confirmation from our customer support representative, the item/s you wish to return should be sent to Coffee Friend within 7 days. Please note that the shipping costs incurred during the delivery of your parcel won’t be included in the refund.

In the unlikely event of an item being returned to us in unsuitable condition, we may reduce the amount refundable for the damaged items.

You can choose two return options: drop your parcel off at a UPS pick-up point or have us arrange a courier collection. In both cases, to return an item, you must contact us and arrange the return through our team. Reach out at [email protected] or +44 1202 029 699.

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